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Things I never expected when I was expecting…

Never having a hot meal or drink again. 
Its almost as if babies have a sixth sense that tells them when you’ve sat down with some food or a cup of tea, at which point they will demand your undivided attention. As soon as your indulgence dips to room temperature they will retract all tears and let you ‘enjoy’ your meal.

Bye Bye lie ins and full nights sleep.
For the first few weeks they wake you ever few hours during the night to feed them, then they start to sleep longer but they also begin to snore, then they sleep through and apart from the odd stir around 3am for their dummy they are completely silent. This sounds like when you’d sleep, right? Wrong! As soon as they’re quite you squint to see them breathe in the dark and just as you’ve reach the point of absolute awakeness then move or snort, a baby’s version of slapping you in the face.

Lack of cleaning.
This ones a real struggle for me because I am a clean freak and when I was pregnant I had a serious case of nesting (I cleaned my entire house with a toothbrush!) but since having Aidan I haven’t found the time to clean as often as I’d like. Laundry piles about 4 foot tall before I get around to doing it. As of today though I have started putting A up to his cot to nap so hopefully I’ll get back on track soon.

Always having a wet patch.
No I don’t mean you wet yourself I mean wet patches from your offspring. I am currently mothering a teething baby meaning I am constantly being drooled on and licked. I literally change my top at least 3 times a day because I get ‘soggy shoulder’ quite regularly. Don’t be fooled though before they begin teething wet patches also occur but mainly from spit up and are located on your lap or down your back.

Complete body transformation.
Ok, so we all know your body changes when you have a baby but I never realised to the extent that it changes. I have a completely different body to the one I had this time last year, from skin to hair. I am currently losing my hair in clumps and have been doing since having A. I recently read a blog saying that it does stop, hopefully it will be soon because I am running out of hair rapidly! 

Carrying a 4 stone bag around.
Apart from carrying a miniature human you also have to carry a bag full of their belongings which at a minimum weighs about 4 stone. But the minute you leave one thing out that’s the thing you’ll need. And if you have a baby like A that will involve carrying enough food for a grown adult (or 3).

What was the biggest shocker to you after having a baby?
Until next time,
El x

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