Aidan, monthly update

5 month update | Aidan

Size-wise:  I haven’t had Aidan weighed this month but I would estimate about 10-11 kg (1.7 stone). He is now in 6-9 month clothes 🙁
Sleep: The beginning of the month we experienced a little bit of the dreaded ‘4 month sleep regression’ but we have moved past that stage and you sleep from 7:30/8pm until 8/9 in the morning. Also, you need to be tucked in tightly at night or else you roll over in your sleep and end up waking yourself up.

Recently though you’ve begun waking around 6 looking to cuddle in Mommy & Daddy’s bed. We are doing great with daytime naps too, one around 12 and another around 5. You still fall asleep almost everytime you’re in the car too.


Feeding: Much the same as last month*. You take 4 8oz bottles (although the night bottle usually ends up with over half left as you fall asleep), a breakfast feed around 10 and dinner around 6. You can see Aidan’s day in his recent day in the life post he wrote.

We moved to some stage 2 Ella’s Kitchen pouches diluted down with some water, they’ve been a huge hit.

Firsts This Month: You had a lot of your first foods this month, like wheetabix and porridge, which you loved.You went swimming for the first time, you’re a natural.

You & Daddy went for a walk together without me for almost an entire day!

You’re first time in your door jumper (that what they’re called?) was such a success, I haven’t seen you enjoy anything as much!

Developments: You rolled over! you went front to back and back to front all at the one time. How all or nothing of you!

You also started spinning around on your belly the past few days. Crawling a goal for next month? 

You said ‘mama’, not dada, not baba but mama! Can you sense my happiness? 

You properly chuckle, and it is so contagious. 

You’ve begun pulling yourself up and sitting unaided, for very brief periods.

And an anti-development, your soon to be tooth has completely disappeared! You’ve had really red cheeks and been cranky the last few days so hopefully it will make a reappearance soon.

Likes: Putting things into your mouth. You’re not fussed what anything will do once you can reach it. Dirty nappy? Your socks? But mostly other peoples hands are favourite.  

Disney Junior. You could watch it all day long. You have a little crush on Doc McStuffins, just the sight of her and you’re beaming.

You’ve discovered how to bounce yourself in your bouncer by shaking your foot, it’s very amusing to watch.

The door jumper, you were in it for almost 2 hours the other day! You need a nap immediately afterwards because you tire yourself out so much.
Dislikes:  Teething! Voice recordings of your cousin Emma. All in all you don’t dislike much.
Nicknames: Nothing new, Aido and Buddy seem to be the go to names.
What I’m Thankful For: Although you’re super heavy to carry now I am thankful that you are such a great eater and not at all picky. You’ve never turned down food (except the pears).
What I’m Looking Forward To:  Crawling. I will probably regret saying that because I will need eyes in the back of my head but it will be amazing to see.
How Mommy’s Doing: I am still losing my hair pretty badly but my skin is a lot better. You win some you lose some.
Until next time,
El x

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