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Baby meals | Weaning

I tweeted a photo at the beginning of the week (which I just notice I never attached) of my Ella’s Kitchen ‘haul’ saying that A will only eat Ella’s Kitchen pouches which isn’t a bad complaint because there is much worse he could be eating. However, I decided it was time to move on from completely smooth pureed food and add some small lumps but with A being addicted to pouches I didn’t know how I would go about this. I decided that I would mix some ingredients to the pouches, like this;

I chopped one carrot, one parsnip and two apples, steamed and blended them in my Beaba babycook before adding the pouch and mixing again. The whole process took about 30 minutes including 20 minutes to steam the food. It smelled amazing and went down an absolute treat!

When I went to pick up some more Ella’s kitchen I was sure to pick up the corresponding ingrediants so today Aidan had an apple and a carrot added to the apple,carrot,prune and butternut sqaush. He loved it! (He wouldn’t eat pears when I made them but Ella says prunes and he’s like oh yeah who doesn’t eat prunes?!)

When the extra fruit and veg is added I can get up to three meals out of one pouch! 

The whole process is so simple thanks to my Beaba weaning products which I will definitely post a review on soon.

Routine wise Aidan is doing great apart from his current teething/ 4 month sleep regression wakings at night.

Current eating schedule:
8am – 8oz bottle
9:30am – Breakfast: Rusk & Ella’s kitchen (the red/yellow pouch) – I’ve bought Ella’s brekkie pouches because I want to avoid all the sugar in rusks.
12pm – 8oz bottle
4pm – 8oz bottle
5:30pm – Dinner: Similar to meals mentioned above
7:30pm – 8oz (Usually falls asleep mid bottle)

Anyone got any breakfast ideas? They say avoid too much fruit because of babies natural sweet tooth, is there porridge or something suitable for a 5 month old?

Until next time,
El x 

5 thoughts on “Baby meals | Weaning

  1. I used to love pouches for their convenience when I hadn’t had time to cook or when we were out and about. They are a healthy alternative. #sharewithme

  2. I love Ella’s kitchen! There are a few companies that make baby porridge that should be okay for your little one. Pumpkin liked the Heinz brand until last week when she decided to start refusing anything resembling puree. *sigh*

  3. Ella’s a favorite here and I used the baby cook too it was great to add chunks to their food and then eventually just use the chunks. I like the ella for sauces over pasta noodles too. Quick and easy. Great post. Hope it goes well. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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