I linked up with Tiny foot steps and what katy said hosts of #happydays. 

Out and About 

I didn’t do too much this week. I went to town yesterday to look for Christmas presents for Aidan, he fell in love with a vtech tablet so that’s on the lis for sure. We went for a lot of walks this week too before the bad weather comes in. Today was shopping day and we bumped into so many friends which was awesome.

Fun at home 

Aidan rolled over! And hasn’t stopped since. Today he rolled over vomited and face planted into it so its been an eventful milestone that’s for sure! He is also cutting a tooth meaning last night wasn’t very fun, calpol is a life saver! 
Non-baby related: I am hooked on the world gymnastics! I love gymnastics, Kohei Uschimura amazes me! (If you’re not into gymnastics he means nothing to you haha)

Time for me

I did make time for me to watch the gymnastics, it’s the one thing I get really into and thoroughly enjoy. I regret not getting into it myself when I was younger. 

Happiest Moment 

Aidan rolling over for sure. His head has gotten stronger since he started it too. I also bought the coolest invention ever from trolleybags.ie, it’s basically stand alone shopping bags that Velcro together (I’m not good at explaining things) but it means you can pack your shopping in no time. 

Photo from trolleybags.ie

Next Week

We are planning on going to baby swim class next Sunday, I have mixed feelings based on Aidan’s sudden turn against the bath. I want to start gathering some Christmas presents too because otherwise I will be that person you see on Christmas Eve trying to find everything. 

Until next time,
El x


4 thoughts on “#happydays

  1. You are so organised getting presents already! I really must try and make a list of who I need to get for!
    Bless him rolling over- crawling will soon be upon you!! Time flies so quick! Thank you for linking up with #HappyDaysLinky I look forward to seeing what you get up to next week. x

  2. Yay to Aidan rolling over, what a clever boy! not so much face planting the sick haha bless him! I need to start christmas shopping too! Thats a nifty invention with the shopping bags I like that you can colour code it all! Xx

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