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My Water Baby

As I mentioned in my #happydays post, on Sunday me & A went swimming! We took part in a water babies taster class. Aidan hated bath time when he was born, then loved it, then hated it so I thought swimming might help him get over any fear he might be experiencing. 

Unfortunately you’re not allowed to take photos during the class so I only have this sneaky one from the dressing room afterwards.

The class was at 1:30 which is also Aidan’s nap time meaning that when we arrived at the pool he was fast asleep. I woke him to get him dressed in his swim nappy which resulted in floods of tears and wailing. I began to think that this class would not go well if it had started out like this.

Me & A were the first in the pool (which was heated 32 degress+.. amazing!), there were no tears just a very questioning look on his face and lots of looking around at the other babies. 

As the class began it was obvious that Aidan has no fear of the water and loved being in the pool. He didn’t cry once the entire time he was in there, not even when the instructor put him completely underwater! He was the demonstration baby for most of the activities because he was so placid in the water. 

Aidan had a natural reflex to swim, when I put him into the instructed position to get him used to going against the water his legs and arms began to doggy paddle! How can someone so young know how to act in water? It was bizzare to me!

I will definitely be taking Aidan swimming again and enrolling him in a baby swim class as soon as I can.

Until next time,
El x

4 thoughts on “My Water Baby

  1. What a nice experience! My son is 4 and he also loves to go swimming but he doesnt know how to swim yet. I am looking at it as an after school activity and I hope both our son will be great swimmers in the future =) #mmwbh

  2. That’s awesome, I’ve been taking my daughter swimming since summer and she loves it. Kicking, throwing her arms and constantly splashing. Only thing is that I’ve got to go back to work full time now and no other classes in my area. I’ll definitely be carrying it on though, it’s such an important skill to learn especially as I only learnt at about 10 years old and was terrified of water before then

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