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Never trust Google maps | Cork Weekend

As you may have read in past posts last weekend we had a christening in Cork. My cousin moved there with his girlfriend a few years ago and they have recently welcomed a baby girl. He didn’t think many of us would be able to make it so he was super happy when 22 (including babies) of us rocked up.

-View on the coast road

-Youghal bridge

-The Old Thatch, we stoppped for lunch

We all met in my Nan’s house on Saturday morning around 11 for brunch (its too late to admit to it being our breakfast) before setting off around 12. Now might be a time to give Google maps credit for getting us to the hotel (+1). When we arrived they hotel told us that we would be on the second floor, in a hotel with no lift, meaning that we had to carry Aidan’s pram up and down the stairs as did my cousin and her 7 week old (not cool!). We were told that the cot was not in our room yet and that it would be there once we got back from the mass. It was there, but that’s about all it was, one side of the cot was completely collapsed and the ‘mattress’ was harder then the floor. Aidan ended up sleeping in his pram because it was more comfortable than the ‘cot’.

We went to the church part, where 4 christenings were taking place! The priest didn’t take too long (probably rushing home for the all-ireland hurling final)- which was great because I hate mass! Aidan slept the entire way through even though he was due a feed (score!)

-Some of the Waterford gang

-Being christened

We got back to the hotel for the party, and the rest is foggy history.

-So they think they can dance?

-My Nan & Grandad

Sunday; Shopping day! We got up at 8 for breakfast and to hear about all the antics from the night before. After waiting for the last bodies to rise we headed into town. Here’s where Google maps really messed up. We were on the main street, I searched for H&M and it said 15 minutes away. My grandmother and aunt came with me… after 30 minutes of walking we still had 5 minutes to go and no shops in sight… looooooong story short they quit and got a taxi back to town and I walked. H&M was on that main street literally across the street from where we started! (Google maps: -5!)

-Where do I start?

Aidan is also now the owner of his first pair of converse (crib) shoes!

-Mommy & baby converse

I will do a haul post on the other purchases (Honestly just haven’t gotten around to taking pics of them yet)
After the rain started and the shopping ended we went to a hotel for some food before heading home. 
It was such a nice weekend I really enjoy spending time with my family. Only 4 weeks until the next family occasion, exciting!

Until next time,
El x

2 thoughts on “Never trust Google maps | Cork Weekend

  1. Google maps! I am SURE it has been invented just to have a good old laugh at everybody. We live in a little spanish town , there is a direct route on the motorway to get here or hideous non stop coastal roads, which take about 2 hours longer. Google maps ALWAYS sends everyone that way!!
    I found you on #Weekend Blog Hop !

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