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The List | Life this week

Real Life
  • We lit the first fire of the year
  • Aidan has gone back to sleeping through the night
  • We are having a very special visitor tomorrow, Emma.
  • After a year of waiting I am finally going to look at kitchen flooring!
  • We have Water Babies class Sunday which I am very excited about and will definitely be writting a post on.
  • Highest point: Having the first traditional Autumn night with A. He was amazed by the fire, another lovely ‘first time’ moment.
  • Lowest point: Life’s been good this week I have been lucky. I guess the weather because it meant we were very house bound.

Blog & Social Media

  • Most popular post this week: Baby Meals | Weaning
  • My personal favourite post: I am between two so it’s The Disney Tag because I love Disney and Funniest halloween video ever? because it’s hilarious!
  • Best post I’ve read this week: I actually only read it this morning but Ashlie really wow’d me with her Lego themed birthday party for Archie over at Sugar Rushed
  • Blog high: I have passed 30 bloglovin’ followers! Yay!
  • Blog low: Not having enough time to be social media active with everyone.
  • Reviews I’ve posted: Mom’s Journey | Review & Giveaway
  • I have lots of posts that I am excited about writing in the next week or so too.

Until next time,
El x

The List

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