How bedtime is like the Hunger Games

For the most part Aidan doesn’t even know he’s gone to bed. He gets a hot bottle and rarely makes it past 5oz, but the times he goes to bed awake can be a bit stressful. Tonight was one of those nights, here is how getting Aidan to sleep goes.

Hunger Games | Bedtime Edition:

Hunger Games

I, alone, a weakling from District 12 trying to protect the holy grail. The object of the games is for me to keep the dummy in Aidan’s mouth long enough for him to fall into a deep sleep without waking him up from his dazed state.

Opponents: 5 agile, co-ordinated and sly member from the well trained District 1 on the left and 5 slightly less prepared although still with a strong advantage over me District 2 warriors, on the right.

The whimper begins to signal the beginning, I place on finger in front of the dummy while keeping the rest well back, so as not to draw any attention to my presence. Oblivious to my finger, the head of District 1 begins his attack, he place himself under the rim of the dummy with the intent to ‘flick’ it from the mouth, I manipulate his hand to hold a muslin cloth. 

All 5 warriors from District 2 come at the dummy while I am dealing with the District 1 army, I realise now they have formed an alliance and I am all alone against these 10 experts. District 2 uses the tactic of swatting at the ring on the dummy in hopes of pulling it from the mouth. With a second dummy I fool them into grabbing a mouth-less alternative.

With one finger again holding the dummy in place they join forces and attack me at the same time, I am severely over powered. Just as I am about to surrender I see an opportunity to fool District 1 with the alternate dummy while I see District 2 beginning to lose stamina. I wait, with bated breath while District one retreats with the alternate dummy. A snore signals the ending of the games and I have once again been victorious. The Capitol threw a curve ball tonight and added a car alarm but alas, I cannot be defeated. I am the Mocking Jay.

*I realise that if you haven’t seen/read the Hunger Games then this whole post may make me sound a bit nuts – 1. Read the Hunger Games – 2. I’m only slightly nuts*


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