Step into Christmas

Although I still don’t have all my decorations up I am trying to embrace the Christmas spirit as much as I can because it will be all over in no time. Aidan has no idea what’s going on but at least I will have the pictures to show him when he does.

Over the last few days my Christmas playlist has been mainly cries and whimpers from a teething baby (still none at 6 and a half months!). Alas, between these times we like to get into the festive spirit with Christmas lights on and festive music playing. Bit of ‘I wish it could be Christmas everyday’, anyone?

I’ve also been giving A paper to try and get him to rip it so that Christmas morning might be a little better received. So far he seems to love it, although he’s not great at the ripping it part but more at the using it to be a cheer leader with pompoms part.

We haven’t read any Christmas stories yet because I ended up wrapping all the Christmas books I’d got so we’re currently making our way through the Disney Magical Stories books we have. I don’t know if I cant bring myself to unwrap them so we could be reading ‘Santa is coming to Waterford’ in March. Who am I kidding Aidan will probably be in his ‘My first Christmas’ pyjamas then too. It’s clean and it fits, who’s going to see you in bed?

I haven’t baked any Christmas treats.. I haven’t even looked for any on Pinterest! How Bah-Humbug of me! I think it’s the thought of cleaning up afterwards that just puts me off. I am willing to split any Christmas treats 50/50 with whoever comes to do the washing up.

Advent Calender – well that went down like a lead balloon. I decided not to give A chocolate until Christmas Day because it would be a nice treat considering the rest will probably go over his head. This means that I get to indulge in the advent calender.. yay! Except it’s not so yay because the chocolate tastes like chalk. Here’s an idea of how bad it is, we’ve yet to open day 3.

How have you been getting in the spirit? Anyone else want to admit to festive PJs in March or will I take one for the team?

Until next time,
El x

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