What we did on Friday!

Today has been full of several little things which all contributed to it being a very happy day so I thought I’d share it. Mainly because of the cute pictures! 

Today marked the beginning of Clayton’s 4 days off. It will be nice to spend time together now because leading up to Christmas he will be working around the clock until lunchtime on Christmas Eve.

The day began with the boys going into town Christmas present shopping for me! I should have known then it was going to be a good day. I have no idea what they got except for a Yankee Candle because that’s a staple every year. It also meat that I got to stay in bed until 11am which NEVER happens!

When they got back Clayton said that the tiler couldn’t start our floor until Monday which was a little poo but after waiting a year a few days more wouldn’t kill me.

We put Aidan in his new bath seat. He is able to sit aided really well but not so good unaided making bathtime a complete bod workout lately. So, when I saw this seat in Smyths I had to get it (only €15!). It went down a hit, he was able to have a proper bubble bath and play with his toys.

Then came the downer of the day. 6 month injections with a different nurse who was less than friendly. Luckily, Aidan only cried for a second and then went back to laughing and smiling. He spent the rest of the day somewhat clingy and sleepy which I kind of enjoyed. He is so active now that he doesn’t ever just want to sit and cuddle so as much as I hate seeing him so unlike himself I selfishly loved the cuddles.

Later, I got an email to say I had won a personalised calender from Polagram and Little O and Me. A pre-Christmas present! 

Aidan crawled – backwards!! Apparently it’s normal for babies to go backwards first, who knew?

We got a phone call to say our floor will be getting done tomorrow!!! I spent the evening ripping up the eye sore I’ve been subjected to for a year and being so thankful that I will have a lovely new,clean kitchen for Christmas!

Overall, Friday has been a good day. I can’t wait for next Friday, my best friend is coming home from Dubai for Christmas. We haven’t seen her since August so I can’t wait to catch up and spend time with her over the Holidays.

Hope everyone had a good Friday and a great weekend.

3 thoughts on “What we did on Friday!

  1. What a lovely day!
    Those bath seats are brilliant aren’t they….Both my girls had one and yes they both crawled backwards first too…lol
    Enjoy your new floor and have a great weekend x

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