Bye Bye binky & My shocking confession


Some time last week as I was scrolling through Facebook I saw a post from a girl on a ‘parenting & pregnancy’ type group saying that her nurse or doctor or one of those ‘knows what their talking about’ people, had told her that the ideal age to wean a dummy from a baby was 6 months – which got the ball in my head rolling.


Shameful confusion; I had my dummy until I was almost 8 years old! I was determined that Aidan wouldn’t be like that so I decided that then was as good a time as any to take it away from him. Although looking at it now I might suggest waiting until a baby’s first teeth have come because it is a source of comfort to them during that pain.


Anyway, I decided that from then on Aidan wouldn’t have his dummy unless he was going to sleep. Why going to sleep? Because Aidan currently falls asleep on his night time feed and to remove his dummy would have meant him re-waking and getting himself into a fit, leading to a major stressful bedtime. So until his routine changes, and he no longer falls asleep on his bottle I will continue to allow him his dummy.


They said on this post that it takes 4 days until the baby’s ‘cravings’ disappear. I do think the first 4 days were the hardest but as I mentioned above teething has made the last week a little bit of a nightmare so I can’t be totally sure.


Aidan doesn’t look for his dummy at all during the day anymore, not even at nap times. I put him into his pram and roll it and he gently ‘ahhhh’s’ himself to sleep. At bedtime he still takes his dummy but once he is awake in the morning it is gone for the rest of the day. He has taken to chewing on his thumb a bit but again I think that’s teeth more so.


It has been hard and I have been met with mixed responses ‘now is the best time when he’s not too attached’, ‘oh he’s very young’, and my personal favourite from my Mom ‘ah he’s been good all day without it let’s give it to him for a while’ – now you see why I still had one when I was 8!


Round up: In future if I had more children I would take it from them as close to 6 months but perhaps after their first teeth. It is hard to watch Aidan with his big red jaws, even though he doesn’t seem to be in too much pain.

Have you experienced binky weaning? How did it go, let me know in the comments.



20 thoughts on “Bye Bye binky & My shocking confession

  1. Sounds like a big week! Neither of my kids ever took a dummy, not for lack of trying on my part! My daughter preferred to suck her two fingers, and now at age 3 she is still a major finger sucker, to the point where she keeps getting repeated nail infections. It’s pretty gross! Much easier to wean them off something that’s not actually attached to them!! Best of luck, hope it all continues to go smoothly for you both 🙂

  2. Well done for managing to wean Aidan off his dummy so early – those early days are tough but it does get easier. I didn’t wean Jessica off hers until just before Christmas (she was 3 in September) when we put them on the tree for the baby reindeer to take away. We had a couple of unsettled nights but she coped really well and part of me wondered why I hadn’t done it sooner. She still asks about the baby reindeer and whether they like having the dummies but she knows they won’t be coming back her way and as Sophie has never had one we’re done with them now.

    1. Oh that is so cute!! I think if Aidan still has them at night when he gets older I will do something similar with giving them to someone ‘cool’ x

    1. Yes that is very true! No such thing as ‘keyboard warriors’ in the 90’s. There were times when Aidan first had his dummy that I had a little ‘craving’ haha it’s and addiction x

  3. Wow I wish I’d read that. *Shameful confession* my daughter was 4 yesterday and still has one 🙁 I’m due number 2 and determined not to give it a dummy at all.
    Well done you. I think this has got to be the year we lose ours 😉

    Thanks for linking up to #MaternityMondays

  4. Neither myself or my son had a dummy, however I will shamefully admit that I had a muslin square until I was pregnant at 16. Okay I only used it when I was having a bad day and needed a good cry. But it rubbed off onto my son until he was 2.5 and his dad forced him out of it after a week stay in the summer holidays. I’m glad he doesn’t have it anymore though but it was replaced with a doggy teddy. We all like comforters whatever age. Some adults like a cup of tea, or a glass of wine. Mine is comfort eating!

    thankyou for joining in on #mummymonday – love Gemma (host) xo


  5. Oh well done for doing that such a young age.
    I said at 12 months I would get rid of it, then I extended it to 2 years. Now he is 21/2 and he still has it. *oops*. But he only has it when he goes to bed or a nap. He does look for it sometimes during the day but mainly when he is teething like yesterday.

  6. I love your posts and your shameful confessions too! lol I think you are doing the right thing because you feel its best for your little one. That’s all any of us can do. Neither of my kids would ever take one and some nights I wish they had!!! lol Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  7. Hello there, well done for sticking with it-it’s never easy to get them out of their habits. Our little boy would never take one either, but it would have made life a lot easier at times! x #sharewithme

    1. I thought all babies just loved dummies haha. I guess I am just lucky that Aidan took his otherwise he would have been eating all day long x

  8. Good post! With both of mine they had their dummies until 4 months. Then that was it.
    The only difficult task I have his with my youngest who will not settle at bedtime with what I class as a ‘babies’ bottle. It’s a relaxing comforting thing for him. He’ll be 4 in May. I let him carry on for a year more than o wanted because at the time I had moved house and he wasn’t settling….since then, in honesty, it’s pure laziness on my part. I know he’s too old for it. So I made a concise decision at the beginning of the week that this coming Monday his bottle will be gone. :-/ I hope it is as simple as the 4 days craving rule with the dummy.

    1. Yeah Aidan will settle some nights without the dummy but will look for it in the middle of the night. I think as soon as he gets a tooth I will take it from him but totally get the laziness thing! After a tiring day it’s easier to just give them anything to keep them asleep! Good luck with it 🙂

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