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I am very lucky in that Aidan doesn’t suffer from nappy rash/ irritation. However, a few weeks ago I did notice he had gotten quite red, which some people say could be his teeth. I will say I kind of panicked, Aidan had never had any redness before so part of me (which I’m sure I get from my mother) wondered if it was a reaction to something. I hadn’t changed anything in his routine lately so finally decided it must have been just a nappy rash. (crisis averted)

When Aidan was younger if would take baths in certain bubble bath or use certain creams & moisturisers he would get extremely dry skin. At one stage I had to bath him in water and emulsifying ointment, which didn’t seem to help him but didn’t make him any worse either. By chance one day in Boots* the Childs Farm range caught my eye. It was their hand & body lotion which initially got my attention ”over 98% natural ingredients & suitable for eczema from newborn” I was sold. The packaging and smell had in me in love there and then. I’ve since used all of their products and just find each one better than the last. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Anyway, I went a bit off topic there. As I was saying Aidan had developed this rash and knowing he has sensitive skin (which you get from me – sorry buddy!) I didn’t know what I should put on it. Luckily, Childs Farm had sent me a brand ambassador goodie bag containing their new nappy cream. I kid you not after one application almost all redness had gone. I wish I had photographic proof but I don’t think Aidan would appreciate that when he is older.

I love the packaging of this product. Not only is it bright, colourful and eye catching it comes in a tube form. Now this may not seem like a big deal to many people but I think it is a lot more hygienic than if it were a pot which you repeatedly put your finger in at nappy changing time.

I too have sensitive skin but can use the Childs Farm range without any irritation. I tried the nappy cream as a face moisturiser and lip balm and now I will never buy lip balm again. It gave me instant hydration.

Don’t believe me? It’s been given a Mumsnet Best badge so I’m not alone.

And Aidan looks like he’s a fan too




*Childs Farm products are on sale at the moment on the Boots website, not sure about in store.

*Childs Farm did send me this product but all views are my own, honest opinions.* 

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7 thoughts on “Childs Farm Nappy Cream | Review

  1. I discovered Child’s Farm a while ago and we love them in our house. They are so kind to my little eczema suffering boy’s skin and they all smell delicious! Enjoy all of their products, they are fab! #mummymonday

  2. Amelia has always been fine with bath products until recently. Hoping its just the weather and not a skin thing but I’ve been really wanting to try some of this and your post has just reminded me of that! Thanks very much for linking up and hope to see you again #MummyMonday (co-host) x

    1. Oh hopefully it’s just the weather. Thankfully all the Childs Farm range have done wonders for mine and Aidan’s skin 🙂 x

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