I am….

I just saw this post on A Mumma’s Time Out and thought it was a really interesting way to get to know people. So, I am….

I’m weird because…

  • I need to have 3 full bottles of bleach and at least 6 clean sponges in my cleaning press or I get quite uncomfortable.
  • I have to have the TV, radio,etc. volume on an even number.
  • I own a collection of around 1,000 pens.

I’m a bad friend because…

  • I don’t always text back or send the first text.
  • I struggle to find a balance between baby/blog/relationship & friendships.

I’m a good friend because…

  • I am always at the end of a phone for any advice or vents. (Probably better to call as I said above texts sometimes don’t get noticed for hours/days)

I’m sad because…

  • Aidan just seems to be growing up at lightening speed.
  • Daddy works so much I’m afraid he will miss out on all Aidan’s milestones.

I’m happy because…

  • Every one in my life is healthy.
  • I’ve been very lucky in the past year both in blog life and in real life.
  • I’ve no reason not to be.

I’m excited because…

  • Aidan will be one soon (I am also sad about this though)
  • We are going on a major family break (33 of us) in June.
  • We are possibly going on an impromptu trip to Bluestones, Wales in two weeks.


If anyone else feels like taking part leave your links below so I can get to know your weird wonderful selves.


Running in Lavender

5 thoughts on “I am….

  1. Im the worst for remembering to text or call back! were going to bluestone on the 2nd march did you get a date booked? That family holiday sounds amazing 33 of you-wow!! thanks for linking up with #sundaystars

    1. Yes we’re heading over February 2nd I can’t wait 🙂 Yes 33.. I will probably come home more tired than when I leave haha x

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