Making Memories

Since becoming a Mom I’ve begun to live my life from bottle to bottle. Splitting my day into the several small segments between A’s feeds.


This makes the tantrums a little more bearable. It makes the days of teething a little easier. It helps when I’m having a day where I want nothing more than to be in bed seem a little shorter.


When it gets to 6pm and I know bedtime is in an hour it’s as if a weight lifts off my shoulders because I know then I can completely relax.


And then Aidan goes to bed and I can eat a chocolate bar in peace. I can enjoy a warm cup of tea. I can watch anything other than Mickey Mouse.


But when Aidan goes to bed I realise that the day I’ve been unconsciously wishing away is one more day of Aidan’s life which has passed by at rocket speed.


It made me realise that everyday is important. Even the ones with the tantrums I will be willing back one day.


It reminded me of what my Nan always says ”the days are long, but the years are short”. Only now as Aidan approaches 8 months do I really understand how quickly time really is passing by. It makes me wish I appreciated the days past more than I did.


So I’ve decided not to count the hours but to make the hours count. I am sure I will have days where I laze in my pjs but I will be doing it while making memories I can hold onto, for the short years.




7 thoughts on “Making Memories

  1. Lovely post. I often find myself doing the same but it’s true that those days do fly by very quickly even though they feel long at the time x

  2. It’s so easy to wish days away especially when they have been a hard one.
    I do the same when it comes to bedtime..It gets to 5.30 and my head is now in “what I need to do” before I get the chance to do anything to rest. Something, as you said, that doesn’t involve kids TV again, that doesn’t mean that I have my little shadows.
    I’m usually fine up to then but that last 1.5-2 hrs I wish away. I know I miss those cherished moments where they’re unwinding and snuggly.
    It’s one of the reasons why I love blogging though; there are days that fly by but I know in a lot of ways I can write my day or week up and be able to reflect back on it.
    Definitely appreciate the moment because they do flash by but take opportunities to reflect back and give yourself some credit for what you guys do as well and remember those moments for as long as you can.

  3. Aww, very nice post. Not sure if I’m feeling particularly sentimental tonight but it brought a bit of warmth to my cold heart 🙂 It’s such an important thing to try and remember and I think most parents are guilty of it, I know I am. Thanks 🙂

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