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We were very lucky to be invited to visit Bluestone National Park Resort for a week as a #bluestoneblogger. There are so many different things to talk about (and too many pictures) I’ve decided to write several shorter posts rather than one giant, overwhelming post. So, what better place to start then at the very beginning…


Ferry & Pembrokeshire

At 6am Monday morning we set off to the ferry which left at 9am and got us to Pembrokeshire at 1pm. After a long wait to collect our luggage we finally got to Bluestone just after 2pm. While you can use the all the onsite facilities from 1pm but you can’t actually check into your lodge until 4:30, which when travelling without a car meant carrying our (excessive) bag around for over two hours. However, the extremely helpful staff at the reception offered to hold our bags until our lodge was ready and then said they would even have someone deliver them down for us.

After a long journey we decided to get some lunch at the Knight’s Tafern. As I am the worst blogger ever I didn’t take any pictures of the food except for the last night. During our stay we ate at the Knight’s Taffern, ordered a take out, cooked a meal at the lodge, shopped at Millers bakery, ate at the fish shack and ate at the Farmhouse Grill. Unfortunately Camp Smokey doesn’t open until March so I missed out on that. Each meal was delicious and the service was fantastic – especially at the Farmhouse Grill.


After lunch we nipped into Newton’s to do some shopping for the lodge. Needless to say with 7 adults we ended up with a hoard of bags. The extremely helpful cashier offered to deliver our bags to the lodge for us. They arrived at the lodge within 30 minutes and even offered to put the groceries away too (I am not that lazy I did put it away myself – honest).

A vending machine filled with milk – genius! Nothing worse than running out of milk at 8pm when the shop is closed.


I had heard from Katy that a buggy was a must for the trip and she wasn’t wrong. As the resort is car free you must unload your bags and return your car to the car park for the remainder of your stay. We hired a buggy (£65/week), which is a golf caddy you use for the week. You charge it using the many charging outlets around the complex. I definitely recommend hiring a buggy, it was well worth the £65, in my opinion.


And finally the lodge. We stayed at the Grassholm lodge, which is a 4 bedroom (1 double, 3 twin) lodge with 3 bathrooms. The first thing you notice in the lodge is the cleanliness. Everything was spotless, even down to a sprakling toaster tray. There was no dirt or wear and tear anywhere in the lodge. It is among the best quality and cleanest places I’ve ever stayed.




Keep an eye out for the rest of my Bluestone posts, including, Messy play, Sensory play and Blue Lagoon.






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14 thoughts on “Our arrival at Bluestone | Bluestone

  1. So great to read posts on bluestone! We are heading off at the end of March so by then I will know all the do’s and don’ts!! Looking forward to reading all your other posts too, hoping to do messy play with Amelia when we are there!
    Thanks for linking up to #MummyMonday please only link up one post xx

  2. Oh wow it looks absolutely amazing! Lol I’d have a great time on the buggy 🙂 I can’t wait for your next post and I definitely would consider going with my family now 🙂 x

  3. Bluestone looks ace. I was hoping to go ourselves to test it out. Looks perfect for young families as well and I love all that it has to offer. YOur photo are great and sounds like you all truly enjoyed it all. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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