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A few weeks back I treated myself to a smoothie maker and I love it. I frequent the local smoothie bar every time I’m in town so I made it my mission to re-make my loved ‘berry blitz’ at home. Finally, after many, many attempts I have got it just right. IF you like smoothies then here is one to try.
(This will make a large serving – bigger is better!)


2 bananas
6 largeΒ of strawberries
Handful of blueberries
Smaller handful of frozen raspberries (I’m sure fresh would work too but they’re always out of stock!)
5 tablespoons low fat natural yogurt
3/4 cup of orange juice (I use light orange juice but doubt it makes a huge difference)


And voila! How simple and healthy. Be careful not to use too many raspberries or it can end up tasting like perfume – not fun! I am on a major smoothie buzz so be sure to share your favourite smoothie recipe below.


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9 thoughts on “Smoothies | Berry Blitz

  1. That sounds really tasty. My husband and I are looking at getting the nutribullet, but I think we need to cut down on the coffee/tea and increase the smoothies and juices before getting one. What smoothie maker do you have?

  2. I love smoothies and this is a variation on one that I make a lot. I have never added orange juice so I’m definitely going to give that a try! Yum πŸ™‚

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