Tackling the dreaded cold

Since the weekend our house has been struck down with the dreaded cold! It is in a way expected at this time of year and with the drastic changes in weather lately. This is the first time Aidan has been sick (we are very lucky!) and it is horrible to watch. I know there is no way to cure a cold but here are a cold remedies I found that made A a little more comfortable.

1. Calpol Vapour plug in

kiddyreviewsA plug in which omits a combination of lavender, chamomile and eucalyptus. I plug it in a few minutes before A goes to bed and it fills the room with this calming, decongestant aroma. It smells amazing and you can feel nasal relief when inside the room. It has a dim, blue nightlight also. Aidan usually sleeps in the dark meaning that the nightlight is a slight annoyance but it is worth it to help clear his airways.

2. Snuffle Baby

expresschemist.co.ukThis is the baby equivalent of Vicks Vapour Rub. I put it on Aidan’s chest, back and the soles of his feet every night before he goes it bed and if I remember at nap times too. I think it has done wonders for his cough but he hates having it put under his nose so I can’t way if it’s good at clearing his nose.

3. Saline nasal spray

tesco.ieI honestly don’t know where all the snot comes from? It seems to be running like a tap all day! In the evening time though A’s nose tends to dry up (maybe from the heating) so I squirt this three times into each nostril before bed to help him breathe. He doesn’t seem to mind having it done and I think it offers him some relief for the beginning of the night.
4. Elevated mattress

I have used a pillow to elevate Aidan’s mattress by about a foot. This stops all the mucus going back down onto his chest (according to my Mom) and helps him to breathe and relieves pressure in his sinus’.
5. Lots of fluids

As I mentioned above his nose is like a leaking faucet so that means lots of dehydrating. Leading me to rehydrating. Aidan is great and will take boring, plain jane water no problem but I have been putting a small amount of orange juice through it to give it some flavour and to provide a small amount of Vitamin C.

6. Excessive cuddles

And of course what’s the one thing we all want when we’re sick? Cuddles from our Mommies (and Daddies too). Aidan has been coming into our bed from 12pm every night. I don’t think he likes being alone when he is sick the poor thing.


We’re now 4 days into cold calamity and I am hoping we are nearing the end. I am very lucky though that Aidan almost his usual happy self and hasn’t been too obviously effected, mood-wise, by his sickness. If anyone else has any tips to speed up the recovery I would be glad to hear them.


3 thoughts on “Tackling the dreaded cold

  1. I still use all of the above methods with my boys and they are 2 and nearly 5 now! LOVE snuffle babe – it was a god send when I found out you could use it on babies under 6 months! xx

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