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Baby boy clothing haul

For the last week I have been a bit MIA on the blogging & social media scene, which isn’t like my twitter-addict self. All last week Clay had been working stupid hours through the night meaning he was sleeping in the day, thus I was flying solo parent all week. By the time Aidan went to sleep every night my brain was in no state to write posts or even tweets – I seriously have a new respect for single parents. They rock!! My other addiction came out in force last week though, internet shopping!! What girl doesn’t want to spend their evenings with tea (or wine), chocolate and a lovely little plastic card?

Aidan has moved up to 12-18 months clothes – I know, heartbreaking! So, any clothes we got as presents for this size are very summery as they were intended for summer weather (if we get any). Not that I am complaining about having to buy him more clothes 😉

First stop, Zara. We don’t have Zara in Waterford which sucks! This is actually the first time I got Aidan clothes from Zara so I went for 18-24 months incase they were a small fit. I am glad I did because they are only about an inch longer than the 12-18 month leggings he is in now!




Next I popped into Mothercare to pick up this lovely, bright jumper. The green is a lot more neon than it looks in this picture. He wore this yesterday and everyone loved it. I found a Mickey Mouse dribble bib with the same blue and green colours – they look great together!



Aidan got a voucher for Lifestyle Sports at Christmas which I still hadn’t used so I popped in and got him this tracksuit. It was so cute I got a pink one for my god-daughter too.


You may or may not know that tomorrow (March 17th) it St Patrick’s Day (NOT St Patty’s Day!!!). All the novelty baby clothes for ”My first St Patrick’s day” seem to stop at 9-12 months meaning A will be going in normal attire (which I am slightly pleased about if I’m honest!) but when I saw these cute little handmade hats from Huggable Home I thought it would be lovely for tomorrow.




And while we’re on the subject of hats – this was actually a present A got a few weeks back but it is too adorable not to share! I can’t wait to put it on his this summer as it’s still a little big.



And last but not least, my newest addiction of all. A few weeks back I won a dribble bib from the lovely Cat over at Max and the Star, the minute I opened the package I knew I had to have more. That same day I ordered 7 more bibs. The prints and quality are better than any I’ve found in shops. Also, Cat sent me an infinity scarf which are new to Max and the Star – I think this is the most complimented thing Aidan has ever worn. He must have been told he was adorable/ cute/ stylish by everyone he met while wearing it.



Apart from clothes, I also ordered some things for Aidan’s playroom, which I am finally getting around to finishing. I am waiting on a few more deliveries but I will be sure to share it with you once they’re here. All photos above have links to where you can get the items, if anything tickles your fancy.








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27 thoughts on “Baby boy clothing haul

  1. I love you. You are addicted to online shopping too. Lol the amount of times I done this in the last week is crazy.
    Lonely stuff you got. I need to start buying 3-4 years.
    I love dribble bibs. We had so many and my favourite company is bubba Bibs.

    1. Oh I am addicted to shopping in any sense – cannot control it haha. I posted this then went to next and bought another lot of stuff! Oh I had never heard of Bubba bibs I must check them out 🙂

  2. Love all of the trousers! If I had a boy I would definitely love all of those for him! Zara do really well for boys I think xx

  3. What a fab haul! I love love love all the Zara bits. They are always so stylish. I can always send a fortune in there. Problem is, I’ve found a lot of it doesn’t wash very well…but I still buy it anyway! The OK top is my fave. Loving the bibs too. Will have to check out that brand 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with us petal. Hope you have a lovely weekend! xx #weekendbabystyle

    1. Oh no I will have to be careful washing them.. They do seem to have the most popular leggings for boys which I am struggling to find in stores in my town. Thanks for hosting lovely xx

  4. I love zara it’s one of my favourite stores for zara. Their leggings are great, I have most of them for Jacob lol but I’m in love with the jumper the okay one! Great haul lovely xx

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