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Welcome Claudi & Fin to Ireland | Review

A few weeks ago I was asked if I would like to sample some of the Claudi & Fin frozen yogurt lollies, obviously I jumped at the chance. I had read about Claudi & Fin on You Baby Me Mummy and found the girls back story truly inspiring, and now they were offering me free treats? These girls are clearly angels!

Claudi & Fin are greek style frozen yogurt lollies. They contain 100% natural ingredients, with 30% of your child’s recommended daily intake of Vitamin D in each lolly – something most of us pale skinned folk are lacking in. The are low in sugar and each one contains less than 60 calories, meaning us adults don’t need to feel guilty about indulging in them either.

The packaging is fantastic. I love everything about the design; bright colours on white background, clear but attractive font and lots of helpful information on display. My favourite part is the ‘disclaimer’ on the bottom stating that: the lollies inside do not have eyes – I don’t know why but I really liked this . Each box contains 4 lollies which are individually wrapped; in paper displaying the lollies pulling several funny faces.

”Hide me in the freezer where only you know where to find me”


”ATTENTION! The lollies inside do not have eyes”


So far they sound great and look great – well, hat trick because they taste great too! They are creamy, with the perfect balance of fruit flavour in each. I have tried both the mango and the strawberry and can’t decide which is my favourite. Aidan is currently (and seemingly pointlessly) teething so these have been giving him taste relief on his gums. As Claudi & Fin are made with no nasties I am more than happy to give them to Aidan as a snack.

Really Mom over 10% fruit?


I think Claudi & Fin will make the perfect treat, especially with the summer months ahead. They will be available in Supervalu & Centra nationwide from March 21st, costing €3.50 a box and will definitely be a staple in our freezer this summer!


Oh! Also, be sure to check out their website as it’s packed with activities pages and games for you to print off and play with you little ones.




*Disclosure: We were sent some Claudi & Fin Lollies in return for an honest review.



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