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Edible finger paint

Aidan is at the stage now where everything goes in his mouth. He is truly exploring the world with his mouth. This makes play time a little more difficult. His normal toys are starting to bore him (but I refuse to buy anything else with his birthday a month away) so this morning I set about finding an activity that would be mouth friendly.

As some of you may have seen I have been doing a lot of baking with Glenisk yogurt, this was for a competition they were running. Since the deadline has past and I cannot eat anymore cake I thought that the leftover yogurt would make a great start for edible finger paint.

Edible finger paint

A few weeks back I bought for colouring to try the colourful pasta sensory play (which was a disaster!) so by mixing yogurt and food colouring I got edible finger paints. Yes, it was that easy. Sadly I forgot to pick up blue so I ended up with red, yellow, green and orange (sort of). Not that Aidan seemed to mind.

Edible finger paint

As you can see there was no interest in it ever going on paper, this finger paint was destined for two places; his mouth and the floor. All other surfaces were just an obstacle in his mission.

A table spoon of yogurt mixed with a couple of drops of food dye and voila – a mess that takes an hour to clean but is totally edible!

Edible finger paints


Have you got any edible play ideas? That don’t involve cornstarch because I cannot find it anywhere!

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