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Starting out with Cloth Nappies

The cute fluffy prints have taken over my Instgram feed for the past few months and they got me thinking.. Why didn’t I initially choose cloth nappies? Which is when I was swiftly reminded that I have binned every item of clothing that Aidan has pooped on. Even the tiniest little stinky spot and it was banished to the bin. I just hated the idea of putting poop in my washing machine. I still hate the idea of it now but I still took the plunge and decided to try cloth – just because of the super cute prints, honestly I don’t care about saving the planet or saving money I just wanted to see Aidan in the cute prints (mainly the Bambino Mio Circus Time – it is adorable, I have to get one!)


After some research and pestering some lovely cloth using bloggers I decided to buy some ‘cheapies’ from eBay and decide if it was for me before I ordered the more expensive brand named ‘fluffy mail’. Seriously I’ve seen some people who’ve spent more money on nappies that I would say others have on cars! After waiting 7 weeks for them to arrive the novelty of the whole thing had worn off. My initial buzz had dulled and I honestly thought I would try one and throw in the towel, or nappy in this case.

I got some paper liners, which you lay on the inside of your nappy so that when a ‘deposit’ is lodged you can lift the liner and put it in the bin. First nappy I used a liner, I timed it so that I was sure to change it after 2/3 hours (you need to change cloth more often than disposable) to avoid any leaks that would get me off to a bad start. Taking off the first nappy I noticed that the paper liner (which is softer than a tissue not like an A4 sheet) had stuck to Aidan’s skin and really didn’t look comfortable. I decided to leave it off the next nappy and let his skin to breathe… can you guess what happened next? Yep! Aidan ‘delivered’ me a present – que immediate panic! I hate shit! How the hell was I supposed to get it from the nappy to the bin without the liner? Why the fuck did I decided to use these bloody things? Ok, I will just try and tip it into a nappy bag….. Oh, that was pretty easy actually. Nappy straight into the washing machine. Done.

I know I was shocked (so was Clayton!). As much as everyone had said ”you don’t touch the poo” or ”there is no scrubbing involved” it’s a kind of I will believe it when I see it thing. But, they were right I didn’t touch it or scrub it. I put it (the nappy not the shit) into the washing machine on rinse, then 60, then rinse and then spin and it was good as new! I had this down – I was a cloth pro!

Then today, all was going well until it came to the daily deposit. Again no liner because they just don’t look comfortable. Not as easy as yesterday’s one that gave me a false sense of security. A stickier specimen. A more stubborn stinker. It did involve getting a water wipe and wiping the poop from the nappy. And I did it (not gonna lie it wasn’t fun but I did it!). Again the nappy went straight into the washing machine to rinse,60,rinse and spin and I looked after the first rinse and no poopy was present. If these keep happening I think it would put me off cloth – scrapping shit just wouldn’t by my type of thing. Two days in though and I don’t hate it, I actually get quite excited about using cloth, matching Aidan’s outfits and creeping on instagram for all the prints I need.

So far I am still using disposables at night because I heard cloth isn’t great at night times without a booster? I’m not sure I will need to research the night time options.

My current thoughts:

  • Cloth is definitely not the easier option.
  • Poop nappies are actually ok to deal with.
  • I love cloth but I am not completely sold that I can do it long term, yet.
  • If you are thinking about cloth buy some cheap ones on eBay (I got 5 for €20?) and see how it goes. You won’t know until you try it.
  • They are so blooming cute!





24 thoughts on “Starting out with Cloth Nappies

  1. They’re cute alright but you’re a far braver woman than me – I’m still laughing at the instructions on Pampers to empty the poo into the toilet before disposing of the nappies, as if I wanted to do that, then it would be cloth I’d go for. I think we’re far enough behind at laundry here without it! Hopefully it does get easier for you 🙂 Great post for anyone curious to start.

    1. Yeah as if anyone does that with disposables haha – silly pampers! Yeah my regular laundry has been halted trying to get these done every night – not working out too well at the minute 😕 x

  2. I love that circus print! Cloth nappies are so cute. 🙂 Good on you for giving it a go and yeah it’s kind of addictive isn’t it.

    I really wanted to use cloth with Bubs so I did a lot of research before she was born and bought a few different kinds to try. Then she was born so premature and too small for the smallest sizes. By the time she was 5 weeks old we were living with Hubs’ mum and brother so I felt awkward about suggesting that we put pooey nappies in their washing machine. I do regret not trying though and now it’s too late as Bubs is potty trained.

  3. Ooh interesting post – thanks for sharing! I’ve been wondering about cloth nappies for a while as I do worry about the environmental impact of disposables. However I also didn’t think I could deal with the poo and also don’t want it in my machine like you! Might give it a reconsider now though…..

    X Becca #maternitymondays

    PS they are frickin cute prints!

  4. I had a phase of cloth nappies as well, I had some beautiful ones. The effort and the nappy bucket put me off in the end, but I have kept them and will try again next time!!! They just look so cute and chunky (I think I have a pic on instagram)

    Luckily out here we have a hose pipe next to the loo, any mishaps just get hosed off and chucked in the bin! It wasn’t long term for us but it was fun 🙂


  5. My son is 4 weeks old and we have been using cloth since a week old, I love the idea of the natural fibers on their skin and poo doesn’t bother me, not sure i’ll love the teething nappies though. I can’t get enough of the cute prints and love picking the next nappy. #maternitymondays

  6. Oh god you’re a brave woman! I couldn’t do the whole cloth nappy thing. The shit doesn’t bother me, one of my twins was a shit machine – I spent a fortune on babygros from Next and he destroyed several of them (in fairness they probably would have been okay on a boil wash but they were kind of oh-my-god-strip-him-and-BURN-IT poonami situations). I do think they’re cute but I’m too lazy for it!

  7. That’s brilliant that you’re using them, whatever the motivation! I had a rainbow of plain colours, some rocking black ones and some daisy print ones. But after my initial investment, there was no way I was outlaying more on limited editions and fancy prints – though that circus one is totally gorgeous.

    I will say though, shop around for liners, some are more tissuey than papery and will be softer. (I think the ones on a roll – they had a green label and clear plastic cover) Then you just ‘spill’ the poo & liner into the loo (not the bin) and flush it. On messier ones there might be a bit of poo on the nappy but in the main the nappy will be pretty clean.

    Good luck with them!

  8. Brilliant read. I’m in Knott’s imagining you scraping poo off the nappy with a baby wipe.. Never get herself to try them no matter how cute they are. So I’ll just read and laugh. 🙂

  9. About the night time.
    I used the nappies with night boosters.
    Sometimes i used 2 night boosters.
    It is a great option in winter, maybe not so much in summer time.
    thanks for the great blog post.

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