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10 things only parents appreciate

I have been a parent almost a year not (*holds back tears) and before that most of these things never even crossed my mind, but since having Aidan my priorities have completely changed and so I thought I would share my top 10 things only parents appreciate.



1. Bumpy Roads When you have a cranky/teething/tiring baby nothing (legal) knocks them out as quickly as a car journey on a bumpy country road. I have at many points felt like I was on a carnival ride full of twists, turns and jolts but it was worth it for the imminent quietness.

2. Nap Time & Bed Time Being a parent is great but every moment without them is also great. I don’t like to be away from Aidan so nap time is fantastic! It allows me to have ‘me time’ without shipping A off to somewhere else.

3. Hot Beverages In our house tea is like our crack – it is needed to function daily. We go through boxes of the stuff. Since becoming a parent I have learned to either drink it cold or reserve it until nap time and bed time for maximum enjoyment.

4. Empty Laundry baskets They say what’s seldom seen is wonderful – and empty laundry baskets are seldom (if ever) seen in our house. How can someone with such tiny clothes have so many dirty clothes? Once I managed to get to the end and I even paired the socks, that day I was supermom!

5. Farts Only when you sniff something similar to a 1,000 year old fermented egg with the intention of scraping it from it’s place of residence will you know the relief of finding out it’s a fart. The stinkier the smell the happier the face when it doesn’t turn out to be a poo-nami.

6. A lie in Similar to number 4, seldom seen and wonderful! I am not a morning person but Aidan seems to be getting earlier and earlier. A lie in is a mere memory that I cling onto the hope of reuniting with again someday.

7. Teeth The joy when you see babies first tooth! However, it’s not always because of the obvious milestone, sometimes it means the end of teething tears and sleepless nights! All hail those nashers, and calpol!

8. Baby wipes Everything! Baby wipes clean EVERYTHING!

9. The freezer Pre-pared meals and frozen foods will be your best friend. When you bring the new baby home from the hospital the last thing you need is to be standing over the cooker. And as they grow the need to hover over a hob doesn’t get any more appealing. Frozen pizza and chips? Perfect!

10. Silence …..and breathe out. Silence is truly golden.


What things are you most thankful of since becoming a parent? Apart from sleep which is the most amazing past time!

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65 thoughts on “10 things only parents appreciate

  1. Now, I need to know how you achieved the empty laundry basket…I haven’t seen the bottom of any of my (three!) laundry baskets in far too long… 🙂

  2. All very true. After each child had finished night feeding & was sleeping through the night so that I didn’t have to go to bed so ridiculously early to cope, I loved being able to read in bed again. Little things eh?! x

  3. Pretty much yes to all! Especially the farts, we have a poo-nami most days although much less in the last month or so thankfully. He has been lovingly nicknamed The Poo Factory 🙂

  4. Brilliant. Wait for the toddler years though, silence means they are doing something they shouldn’t and it normally involves a whole heap of mess!
    Thanks for linking up #fridayfrolics

  5. I’d have all of these on my list not sure which one I’d bump off to include Eating Dinner Whilst Still Hot – Can’t remember when I last ate dinner without microwaving it first.

  6. Yes I remember I used to smell a funny smell then anxiously check the nappy. It really was wonderful when it was just a little fart! I’m past the days of sleepless nights and teething now I’m most thankful for a night I don’t have to drive my son to any after school activities…that becomes very tiring so a night off is bliss. Lovely post xx

  7. Love it….Silence is only golden when they’re not up to mischief….hahaha
    I am thankful for weekends…..lol A couple of days off from the school routine….

  8. Great post Hun, I actually laughed out loud at the baby wipes comment, I often ask myself how I ever lived without them before I had kids lol they are top of the shopping list now! Lol and they so cleans EVERYTHING

  9. My mummy totally agrees with this list! So true. It’s important to get the space and silence you need as parents…or you’ll go mad! Great post #TheList

  10. Lol, on baba no.2 and our final member to the family we’re on tooth 13 & 14…. counting down to no.20… TG for Nurofen, great for keeping down the inflammation

  11. I am not a parent but I can relate to a few. I love riding in a car on bumpy roads, but not as the driver (I don’t drive). If you’ve been in a psych institution for more than half an hour, you’ll also appreciate silence. That is a lot less likely to happen to most people though than becoming a parent, but it happened to me. #thelist

    1. I am straight to sleep if I am a passenger on a bumpy road – especially if it’s a bus for some reason? Wow, yes I imagine you appreciate silence a lot too!

  12. LOL I really enjoyed your list and you are right, these are things only a parent would appreciate! Baby wipes are fantastic for cleaning anything – anywhere you are! #linkalist

  13. Completely agree, it’s amazing the joy you can get from an empty laundry basket! Thanks for linking up #bigfatlinky

  14. So true! There’s no bigger relief than discovering a ‘phantom poo’. And there’s nothing a baby wipe can’t clean: shoes, the car, furniture, carpets…

    This might be a ‘dad thing’ but I never thought I’d so appreciate eating leftovers/crusts/bits of fat from other people’s plates. One of the little joys of parenthood.

  15. Bumpy roads and nap time are definitely amazing! Aside sleep I most appreciate times when the boys are playing nicely together or happily alone and I can just sit and watch them! 🙂 x

  16. It’s so true! I especially miss quiet days. A whole day when I don’t have to do anything for anybody. My parents live in a different country, so this is unlikely to happen until I go to visit.

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