Today I am proud!

Today is Friday.

Today is May 22.

Today I am proud.

Today #hometovote happened.


Today the people of Ireland have been given the option to make same sex marriage legal, to allow people to marry who they love and to have this marriage seen as equal to those which have come before.

Last night saw the beginning of #hometovote, with many more spilling into today. #hometovote is trending in many countries worldwide and shows the lengths the Irish people have gone to to gain equality in Ireland. It sees people travelling from across the world to have their say on such an important topic.

I am not an LGBT member, but I would hope that this simple hashtag may counter act all the horrible, ignorant things the No campaigners have spouted over the past few weeks.

Today I am seeing history.

Today I will never forget.

Today I am proud.


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