The 5 Stages of Feeding a Baby

Since having Aidan I have become aware of the many, many differences between adults and children. Dinner time can be one of the most traumatic experiences in a baby’s day. Here are the 5 stages that we go through at dinner time…

1. Hanger – when the hunger hits a child it must feel like they haven’t eaten for days because they scream bloody murder.



2. The Refusal – present dinner and then the child point blank refuses to eat it. No matter what you present them with they object for up to 15 minutes, why?



3. Consumption – finally giving it to their starvation they begin to eat.



4. Completion – After consuming what they decide to be an appropriate amount they proceed to throw the remains onto the floor (or their clothes).



5. Scavenging – crawling around to resume eating the pieces they have earlier thrown onto the floor. Do not interfere at this stage – their wild animal side really shines through!



9 thoughts on “The 5 Stages of Feeding a Baby

  1. Bahahaha THIS IS FRANKIE! He found parsnip today… I haven’t cooked parsnip in weeks. I’ve also hovered everyday since. I’d love to know exactly where it was…

  2. Love this – so true, I got to step 2 tonight, and my little guy would not budge… think its a mixture of the terrible 2’s and being tired, was so annoying!!!!! Very cute facial expressions!!! 🙂

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