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Past the halfway point – 21 weeks pregnancy update

21 week pregnancy update

How I’m feeling:

Luckily all sickness hasĀ disappeared, my tea aversion has subsided and this baby has a taste for meat. I am not a huge meat eater usually, eating red meat almost never but since falling pregnant I find myself wanting things like pork steak and beef – so strange.
Braxton Hicks have kicked in. As irritating as they can be I definitely credit Aidan’s quick and easy birth to them so I am happy to welcome them back this time, albeit a lot earlier.
I find myself getting a lot more cramps than I did with Aidan. I have googled this and apparently it is good once it is not accompanied by spotting. It means the baby is “getting comfy” and your muscles areĀ making room.
My bump has finally made an appearance. Seems like overnight I just popped and I went from nothing to looking like I swallowed a bubble. It is less noticeable in the morning but as the day progresses (and after I eat) it is very noticeable.


In my first (and only) pregnancy update I mentioned that the doctor had given me cream for my face – it helped the problems on the surface of my skin but really done nothing for my cystic acne. I have been using Ziaja aloe vera cleansing milk which has managed to stop it getting any worse. I basically have two cysts – one on my cheek and another, smaller one on my chin for the past few weeks. They are not going anywhere but they also haven’t brought friends so I am happy enough. Last weekend I went to Cork and visited Lush where I purchased the Mask of Magnaminty to see if that will help in anyway so keep an eye out for a separate skin update soon, hopefully. Here are some photos of the difference in my skin from around 8 weeks to now.



Anything sugary. Seriously, some nights I feel like I might have a nervous breakdown if there is nothing sweet in the house. It is actually a little scary. I have no real cravings during the day but once Aidan is in bed I need the sugar!

Size of baby:

The apps say the baby is the size of a banana (10.5 inches) and weighs around 12-13 oz. We have a hospital appointment in a few days so I will have more accurate measurements then.

Can I see my toes?:

Yes. They are beginning to be shadowed but I can still see them… for now.

Stretch marks or swelling?:

No swelling. No new stretch marks but the ones I do have are starting to look a lot more prominent and looking at their position I can tell how the shape of my tummy has changed already.


We are going to find out this week! I am very excited and already have the gender reveal video planned! I still have no feeling either way but I have been referring to it as a girl more than a boy – is that a sign? Maybe? Hopefully we will find out soon but I honestly have no preference other than a healthy baby.

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