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At least once a week I will ramble off something contrary to my Nan’s approach to parenting. Things like the right age for weaning or what foods aren’t suitable for toddlers. Every time she replies with ” All the babies these days are google babies. We didn’t have google when I raised seven children”.

But this got me thinking, I do depend on google and the rest of the internet on a daily basis. I use it for all things from recipes to hairstyles, videos to shopping and truthfully I turn to it for help in raising Aidan. As a parenting blogger isn’t that what I am trying to do too though? I am online sharing my experiences in the hopes of helping another parent who may need it. I post product reviews and how to posts for all types of parenting encounters.

Google How to be a parent

I use google to tell me if Aidan’s rash is normal, what he ”should be” doing at this stage and things to help him achieve his abilities. In theory, yes, Aidan is a google baby. I have used the google crutch to lean on during my parenting journey, my pregnancy with Aidan and this pregnancy. Here are some of the things I have googled in the past 17 months, since Aidan’s arrival…

  1. Are babies umbilical cords supposed to smell?
  2. How often should my X month old be eating?
  3. How much milk is too much? 
  4. *several colours, sizes, smells and consistencies of poop followed by* is this normal.
  5. Teething help!
  6. Are hiccups painful for babies?
  7. When should a baby *smile/ crawl/ start solids/ a million other things*?
  8. X month old routine.
  9. Are second pregnancies different? 
  10. How to explain a new baby to a toddler.

I’m pretty sure that the more Aidan grows and the arrival of the new baby, will only result in more google searches at crazy hours of the night. Hoping google can tell me how to parent two under two, manage to keep up to date with house work, blogging, youtube and life. Maybe it is personal assistants I need to google next (if only!).


Ok, own up, what is the strangest thing you have googled since having kids? I think mine is ”one year old ate half a candle” – just a note it was on his Dad’s watch not mine. More important note, he is fine since – obviously!

20 thoughts on “My Google Baby

  1. I Google too much to be honest. The most recent one I googled was when should I drop the first bottle or baby at 9 months constantly farting during bottle. As you can gather I Google something everyday pretty much.

  2. You are not alone mama, i think it’s a natural occurrence these days for parents to use google for advice and information when it comes to kids/parenting. I think the strangest thing i’ve googled to date is “toddler ate some poop”. Don’t ask (LOL), boys are disgusting creatures sometimes. xx

  3. I google everything when it comes to my children which is really bad as half the time google tells me they are dying when infact they only have a cold or something. The most strange thing I googled was my 12 month old ate a slug, also on his dads watch. When I had my eldest I did not google anything as there was no iphones and it took froever to get on the internet ( she is 13) and I honestly don’t know how I survived haha xx

    1. It’s always the Dads (or at least thats my story and I’m sticking to it!). I don’t know how we would cope without mobile phones with constant internet – kind of sad really but necessary x

  4. I am one of those people who Googles everything, I once was bitten by a rat which my cat caught, so I thought I would look up any issues it might cause whilst waiting for NHS Direct to call me back… essentially by the time I finished I was clinically dead x

  5. this made me laugh. I love google I used to depend on it a lot when both children were younger. I wish I had something funny to own up to buy I can’t think of anything off the top of my head ☺️☺️ xx

  6. I think all babies are Google babies these days! And I don’t think it’s always a bad thing. When lamb passed out and stopped breathing for a few seconds we Google and found it was a breath holding attack. Without google I would of rushed him to a&e rather than call our GP. We can take things to far when googling though can’t we! Xx

  7. I shudder to think of the rubbish I’ve asked Google! It is useful though and probably half the reason I started blogging was in the hopes that I could be useful to someone else like myself! And I have an answer to the last question you asked Google on my blog lol!!!

  8. Haha – I love how Google is the go to place for everything in life. I’ve not really used it for baby stuff (although the missus does(, but I use it all the time when it comes to writing to make sure I’ve got the right word etc. I have a habit of getting phrases mixed up so need to double check. Also, because of some of the random things I include in posts, I end up finding that I’ve Googled stuff about brothels, necrophilia etc etc

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