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Weird Baby Products

Preparing for the arrival of our second baby next year has me googling all sorts of things that I will want and need for him. Luckily I have a lot of things that I got when Aidan was born that I can reuse but somehow I still have a list as long as my arm of things I still need to get! As always the internet is a great resource for searching for the highest rated, best bargains and ‘must haves’. It does however sometimes offer up some suggestions that are a little bit strange…




weird baby products

If you were on the fence about whether a baby or a hamster would better suit your current lifestyle then fret no more! With this crib dribbler feeding system you can get a cute, cuddly baby without having to worry about preparing bottles or ‘infant energy drinks’ (what child needs energy drinks?!) for them – simply attach the crib dribbler to the side of their cot and let them roam freely.


weird baby products

If you decide that formula feeding is the way to go then why stop at the simple ‘milk’ based products? Treat your little one with bacon baby formula (and probably childhood obesity). As you tuck into your Saturday morning fry up why not prepare a bacon flavoured bottle for the baby to enjoy too.


weird baby products

With baby spa treatments on the rise this baby butt fan offers an at home alternative. The cool breeze provided will not only result in an instant pee stream directed straight at your face but apparently also prevents diaper rash. I can’t wait to suggest this the next time someone asks if I need anything for the new baby.. I can only imagine my Nan’s reaction to this for the ‘google baby‘.


weird baby products

Should you manage to finally reach the potty training stage, with the help of the butt fan of course, then here is the answer to all your prayers. The ‘iPeed’ as I have named it is great for preparing your son for the many hours they will spend in the bathroom (or ‘office’ as it is referred to here) as an adult.


weird baby products

The debate is ever ongoing about when to introduce chores to children. How much is too much at certain ages. Well now your little one can play on their ride on vacuum from a very young age! Combining the fun of playtime with the task of cleaning and giving parents the best outcome. (Sadly this is not a real product and just a college assignment because I would totally buy one – or two!)


weird baby products

If like me you still have a few months to go before you will be using these things then why not throw yourself a baby shower? Everyone loves cake, right?


What are some of the strangest baby products you have come across on the internet? I am sure there are even crazier things than I have mentioned here.

15 thoughts on “Weird Baby Products

  1. Wow that cake is mildly disturbing lol, I have seen some strange baby products in my time but that takes the cake! Sorry couldn’t resist, I think the weirdest baby product that I have seen is a parent and child leash. At one point it looked the child was walking his mother haha!

  2. Gutted the vacuum cleaner isn’t real! My two hoover obsessed boys would love it. I do remember reading about a product ages ago that sent a notification to your phone when your baby’s nappy needed to be changed.


  3. Brilliant!!! These products are obviously not designed by mothers (although maybe the last one…). We are not due to May do have lots of time to think about the things we need although I’m hoping not too much based on the fact we already have Monkey although your comment about a long list is making me worry what I’ve missed! ☺️ xxx

  4. Oh my.. the crib dribbler. Oh boy. I’d say whatever next but the butt fan thingy and the bacon flavour formula! Hahaha. Brilliant blog post! xx

  5. Ha ha what an amazing bunch of bizarre baby items! I’m not sure which is the most disturbing to be honest, they all look as though they should never have been invented! Great finds though! Oh and that cake, eugh made me feel a bit queezy #marvmondays

  6. I have been seeing the Hamster dribbler feeding thing making the rounds and I can’t get my head around it! What if the child pokes her/his eye out?? I reckon by the time our little ones are older the products will get even stranger! lol 🙂 x

  7. Hi Ellen. these products definitely win the prize for strangest and most inappropriate baby products ever! Im not sure which is the most offensive – the crib dribbler or the bacon baby formula?! Hilarious! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays 🙂 Emily

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