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Top 5 Summer Bag Essentials

I have been a little MIA on both the blog and my Youtube channel but since the rain has gone away and I have a child destined to be outdoors and another who refuses to sleep all day until about 9pm the time I get on the laptop is usually with one eye struggling to stay open. We have been outside from first thing in the morning to last thing at night a lot lately. I am in no way complaining I love that Aidan is such a little explorer. The weather and types of days out we are having are very different to those of a few months ago and so the contents of my changing bag are a little different too. Here are some of my summer bag essentials for the sunny days and adventures..

  1. Suncream (obv!)
    I don’t think there is a single parent who doesn’t have suncream in their bag during the summer. I have some in every bag, room and the car. We currently use the Childs Farm suncream which we are huge fans of! Keep an eye out for an upcoming review. There are too many good things to get into in this post!
  2. Plasters
    Again, an obvious one if you parent a child even remotely as adventurous as mine. The kid has no fear – he will climb on everything and crawl through anything. I don’t use specific ones but I do find the characters ones a bit useless. They fall off in no time.
  3. Zap It*
    Zap It is basically exactly what the name says. It is a little device that ‘zaps’ insect bites to take away any stinging, itchiness or swelling. It is suitable from age 2, meaning it is safe for almost all the family. I remember my Mam always having one of these on holidays.
    Available from
  4. Anthisan
    This one is for the children. Anthisan is great! It takes the itch out of nettle rash, bites and stings. It is an antihistamine which means it stops the histamine working in the body. Histamine is responsible for the pain, redness and swelling that happens after getting bitten or stung.
  5. Peaked cap & change of clothes
    This is a mistake I made once and never again. I ended up bringing Aidan home in a nappy after an impromptu ‘pool party’ in a blow-up Peppa Pig pool. It took about a week to get Aidan used to wearing a hat too but now he leaves it on for the most part… although he wears it backwards half the time – for the fashion I’m sure!


What is in your summer bag? Is there anything you would add or take out compared to mine?


*I was sent this product for the purpose of this post.

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