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Childs Farm Sun Range | Review & Giveaway

In my recent ‘Top 5 summer essentials‘ post, I mentioned our new favourite sun cream from Childs Farm. Up to now, I thought all sun creams done the same job so just pick one with a high factor. I was wrong.

This is where my love for the new Childs Farm suncream starts. As I have mentioned in my many other posts declaring our love for Childs Farm, the brand is organic and cruelty-free. They can boast 98% natural ingredients and no nasties. Many chemical sun creams are made to absorb harmful radiation preventing the rays penetrating the skin. However, the ingredients in these chemical creams are known to be irritable on sensitive skin so Childs Farm has taken a different approach. They have used titanium oxide which reflects the UV rays away from the skin. It will leave a white glow to the skin which is thicker than some other sun creams – for that reason. While chemical sun creams act as a sponge, natural sun creams reflect like a mirror.

The Childs Farm sun cream has a Boots UVA rating of 3. While it is common knowledge that 5 is the top rating for UVA stars it would require the addition of a known allergen thus forfeiting its suitability for sensitive skin types. It has achieved a ‘Superior’ rating by the EU rating system and has SFP of 66.8 meaning it can be marketed as SPF 50+. And, it’s water resistant!

Top tips for staying safe in the sun:

1) Keep newborns in the shade.  Babies under the age of six months should be kept out of the sun completely! Keep newborns in shady areas or under a big umbrella, and make sure they’re wearing long trousers, long sleeves and a hat. Any exposed skin on hands or feet should be protected with a broad spectrum sunblock. If they’re not wearing UVA clothes, apply sunblock under their clothing too.

2) Cover older children with a broad spectrum sun cream.  Sun creams for children should be natural rather than chemical, and have a high SPF. Cover all exposed areas with as much sun cream as can fit in your child’s palm.

3) Don’t forget the little places.  Remember to apply sun screen to areas that are often overlooked, such as ears, lips, hands, the back of necks and tops of feet.

4) Wear appropriate clothing.  There are great UV clothes available for little ones to wear in the sunshine. Cover any exposed areas with sun screen, and also apply it under clothes which have no UV protection. Make sure your children always wear a hat and quality sunglasses.

5) Apply, apply and reapply.  Reapply sun cream everywhere, every two hours. Do this more often if your children are swimming or sweating.

6) Make sure your children drink.  To keep them hydrated, give your little ones a big gulp of water every 20 minutes.

7) Stay out of the sun during risky hours. The sun is strongest between 10am and 2pm. So during these hours, STAY OUT OF IT COMPLETELY!

So those are the reasons that The Childs Farm sun cream is our new go to. Not that I expected anything less as we have loved all of their other products too! It is a tie between the after sun or the blackberry & apple wash for the best smelling product I own.


The lovely people over at Childs Farm have given me a set of their new sun range to give away to one of you guys to try for yourselves. Simply enter via the widget below. Good luck!

If you want to buy any of the Childs Farm range on then use the code CFAMB62 for 30% off!

Childs Farm Giveaway


*I am a Childs Farm Brand Ambassador and I was gifted their new sun range. However, I was not asked to write this review I just like the range.

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