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I think everyone turns to Pinterest when looking for decor ideas (or new hairstyles/baking/makeup/crafts/everything else). Many lost hours have been spent in the never-ending hole of house goals. I do put a lot of effort into one room though – the boy’s playroom. I tend to lean towards the fun and colourful designs. Here are some of the photos in my Playroom Pinspiration board



playroom storage

playroom storage

playroom storage

playroom storage

Ok, let’s be honest those last two pictures are probably not realistic with a hurricane-shaped toddler in the house but a girl can dream. That colour co-ordinated lego makes me so happy. In my house, I’m lucky if all the lego stays in the one room never mind separated in drawers by colour. Those top storage box units are sort of everybody’s go to for playrooms. I love the idea of different types of toys being in different sections – again, probably would only last about an hour here.






Aidan has a book collection to rival a library but has shown little interest in reading until recently. He loves dens and tents so I think a reading space that is separate might be good for him. I would love for the boys to get into reading because I loved to read as a child and still do now (although I tend to fall asleep about 4 sentences in.)



In my house, I keep the arts and crafts supplies as far away from the toddler as possible. I would never leave such stain causing apparatus within his unsupervised reach! At the minute all his paints, markers, etc are in a stoage box – meaning finding things can get very messy! Who would have though to use a shoe organiser? GENIUS!


Those are some of my current playroom pinspirations. As much as I like order and tidiness the playroom is the one room I am laid back with. At the end of the day if they can’t play in there then what’s the point?

Do you lose hours of your life on Pinterest? Have you any other sites for home decor inspiration?

8 thoughts on “Playroom Pinspiration

  1. I really like your choices for pinspiration, I especially like the truck on the wall, that’s a fantastic idea. Like yourself I keep all my little ones arts and crafts in a storage box, I like the idea of the shoe storage for it but maybe when he’s a little older.

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

  2. Love the little beside the door bookshelves – such a great use of space! & I like the little reading area one too – my two love nooks & have loads of them. Also really like the first picture – I like the little seat incorporated into the storage. (Lucy/R is for Hoppit)

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