Aluminium Foil? | Cleaning Hack

I have made no secret of the fact that I kind of love cleaning (yes I’m weird.) Having two boys who are part wildebeest means that I come up against all sorts of messes. 9 times out of 10 it’s nothing an all-purpose cleaner and a cloth can’t tackle. However, the other day I decided to let Aidan paint – yes I know I was already asking for trouble. Stupidly I bought him a ‘painting kit’ – yano the ones with a canvas, paint, brushes all included? Well guess what those paints are NOT WASHABLE! I repeat NOT WASHABLE!

I took him up to the bath and the child was raw after an hour of scrubbing and he still had some on him. It was more like glue than paint! I eventually managed to get him clean only to now face the highchair clean up. Nothing was working. NOTHING! Until…. I asked google – obviously! Any parent who says they don’t use google daily are lying.

TIN FOIL! (Or Aluminium foil – whatever you call it in your neck of the woods). I balled up a piece of foil and used a kitchen cleaner. It was off in no time – if only I had known this before I brought Aidan up for a bath I could have had him clean in 5 minutes too…. I’m joking!

Apparently balled up foil is great for cleaning barbecues too. Now I’m not suggesting you necessarily┬átry it out at this time in the year but when the summer comes back around it might be a useful thing to keep in mind!

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