A New Beginning… Life with Hyperlexia

Hello, it’s me – that girl that blogged about 2 years ago before the spawn of Satan entered my life. Just kidding! But having two young boys – one with special needs and another with the energy of an entire football team, no sleep required – life became consumed with therapy appointments, cleaning and kissing bumped knees. Now that Aidan has started going to playgroup twice a week I feel like I finally have a bit more routine and time to myself – hence my appearance around these parts.


While my blog has always been family and lifestyle focused I have decided to add a new dimension to it. As some of you may know, Aidan has hyperlexia – yeah, I didn’t know what that meant at first either. Hyperlexia is basically an obsession with letters and words and the ability to read far beyond their age with never being taught. Anyway, I will talk about that a bit more in a future post but as you can imagine I have spent hours trying to learn more about hyperlexia and how to best help Aidan. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information out there and I have yet to find a speech therapist in Ireland who specialises in it.

I have gotten the most help from things I have found online, ideas I have adapted to suit Aidan’s interests and online groups of other parents of kids with HL. I decided to share any and all the tips I have in the hopes that other parents, like me, who search the internet in the future will find something that may help.


In the past 10 months Aidan has gone from having 0 words, 0 attention and 0 comprehension to knowing his alphabet, colours, shapes, numbers and counting, reading some words, labelling up to 200 objects and a minimal amount of conversational language (this is his biggest hurdle). He can sit and do a 60 piece jigsaw or sit at a table to eat his breakfast – again massive milestones when compared to a few months ago.


So yeah, basically hyperlexia has become a massive part of our life so it’s only fitting for it to become a big part of my blog. If there are any other hyperlexia parents out there reading I would love to hear from you!


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