Autism and the Full Moon

I have been a member of many autism and special needs groups on facebook since we began this autism journey. They have probably been my best resource in gathering information and support – the professionals don’t tell you a fraction of what this collective know. Everything from communication, toilet training, benefits and achievements are shared and everyone is truly rooting each other on.

After being a member for a while I began to notice that once a month certain posts would pop up. ‘Full moon tonight?’ ‘Heads up full moon on the 6th’, etc. I admit I thought they must have all been a bit into their lunar patterns until I read deeper. It seemed that lots of parents were noticing a change in kids behaviour around the time of the full moon. Changes in sleep patterns, behavioural changes and more. Then, I began to notice that Aidan would also have changes around the time these posts about the full moon would pop up. Mainly sleep related.

Sometimes he will sleep until 10 am and others he will be up before dawn. This month was the latter! For the past 3 or 4 mornings, he has been waking at 5:30 am – yeah, it’s been delightful. I didn’t even think about the full moon until about the 3rd morning, I had been putting it all down to the clock change last weekend. Until I noticed the posts popping up about the full moon and I had a little ‘Aha’ moment of realisation.

This morning my snapchat was full of parents talking about how their kids had been up at the crack of dawn.. 5:30 to be precise! So that was at least 4 or 5 kids with autism all waking at the exact same time – interesting, eh? Well, I went on to double check if the full moon was last night or tonight and here’s what I found….

Autism Full Moon

This morning at 5:24 am the moon was at it’s fullest. Practically the same time all the kids woke up!

Autism full moon


I did a little bit of digging (just a tiny bit really like I’ve been up since 5:30 am) to see if there was any reasoning as to why this happens. It seems that the biggest reason people believe is that the moon affects the gravitational force of water and since the human body is made up of 80% water that it does, in fact, effect everyone – just not in the same way. Now, there are plenty of examples of situations where kids with Autism and other special needs feel or experience things differently and often more intensely than those of us not on the spectrum – so is this the same thing? We are oblivious to things that can send our kids into sensory overload – is the full moon one of those things?

It is definitely something I want to explore more as I find it truely fascinating – especially seeing the time of the moon this month and hearing so many parents reach out to me and say their children woke at the exact same time. So, what’s your opinion – does the full moon effect kids with autism or is it all just a coincidence?


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