Three’s a crowd!

Have I even mentioned my ‘new’ baby on here? He is a little less new given that he is almost 4 months old. I forget that some people who follow me on here might not follow me on social media, where I revealed that I had been secretly pregnant. Well, Cobh (pronounced ‘cove’ for any non-Irish readers) was born in February. To say it was an experience would be putting it lightly. But that’s a story for another day.

Three a crowd


So as you can imagine life has been pretty hectic with 3 kids under 4. Not to mention that the past few months have been the busiest with appointments for Aidan, a hospital stay with Finn and newborn late night/all-night antics.

In one way there is no change between having 2 kids and 3 kids. In another way, it’s so much more stressful. Cobh had no choice but to sort of just ‘fit in’ to our routine – at times he doesn’t seem too fond of this concept. He is not great at feeding, or sleeping – when coupled with two high energy older kids is not the best pairing I could have hoped for.


is doing great lately. He is learning so much from Finn! They are forming such a lovely friendship too which melts my heart. When it appeared that they may never even tolerate each other at one point I will be forever in awe of how far they have come.

Three a crowd


We got Aidan’s official ASD diagnosis at the end of April. I will do a separate post about it and what the assessment consists of for people who may be going through it themselves. One huge thing that we were told was that the psychologist really thinks Aidan would be able for mainstream school which was fantastic to hear. Primary school is still another year away and a lot can change in a year but it is definitely a positive.


is as wild as a bear! I can honestly say that he hits his head more each week than Aidan has in his entire life! He has a heart of gold and a head of steel… apparently! He celebrated turning two by landing himself in the hospital for a head trauma. It was a terrifying experience and one I never want to relive. I was home alone with the three boys and Clayton was an hour away. As I turned to gather their plates from dinner and I heard a bang. A bang that I later learned my neighbour heard from her front door! Finn had misjudged his step and hit his eye on the window ledge. He couldn’t breathe from shock. It began to swell straight away but there was hardly any blood and no bruising, if anything it became whiter than normal. Fast forward to an A&E visit and him starting to fall asleep, he was admitted for monitoring overnight. I had messaged so many people in a panic about what I should do. There is so much conflicting information around (from different doctors) regarding head injuries and what is ok and what’s not. We got to the hospital about an hour after it happened and they said with a head trauma you should never let them sleep after and if they do take them to the emergency department immediately. Thankfully all is fine now and he had no serious injuries. He still has a red mark where it happened but I think with time that will heal too.

Three a crowd

It’s safe to say that the past few months have been some of our busiest yet. It is also safe to say that they have been some of our best. Our life is a little bit crazier now but it is also filled with so much more.

Three a crowd

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