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Christmas Crafts for Toddlers

  With the festive season approaching it is time to get creative – mainly because the weather keeps us pretty housebound. I have snooped around Pinterest and put together a list of crafts that I want to try (keyword being try!) with Aidan during the holidays. Christmas Wreath Painting with Dish brush Toddler Christmas Tree cards Letter Ornaments Snowman Letter…

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DIY Bath Paints

With the horrible weather and the lack of daylight being home with a toddler all day can be a terrifying task. I spend hours searching Pinterest for new ideas to try but find many things aren’t suitable for toddlers or contain products and ingredients from America. I should also point out that the least amount of clean up the better…

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Edible finger paint

Aidan is at the stage now where everything goes in his mouth. He is truly exploring the world with his mouth. This makes play time a little more difficult. His normal toys are starting to bore him (but I refuse to buy anything else with his birthday a month away) so this morning I set about finding an activity that…

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My Water Baby

Ellen / October 22, 2014

As I mentioned in my #happydays post, on Sunday me & A went swimming! We took part in a water babies taster class. Aidan hated bath time when he was born, then loved it, then hated it so I thought swimming might help him get over any fear he might be experiencing. Unfortunately you’re not allowed to take photos during the…

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