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10 things only parents appreciate

I have been a parent almost a year not (*holds back tears) and before that most of these things never even crossed my mind, but since having Aidan my priorities have completely changed and so I thought I would share my top 10 things only parents appreciate.   1. Bumpy Roads When you have a cranky/teething/tiring baby nothing (legal) knocks them…

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Edible finger paint

Aidan is at the stage now where everything goes in his mouth. He is truly exploring the world with his mouth. This makes play time a little more difficult. His normal toys are starting to bore him (but I refuse to buy anything else with his birthday a month away) so this morning I set about finding an activity that…

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Starting out with Cloth Nappies

The cute fluffy prints have taken over my Instgram feed for the past few months and they got me thinking.. Why didn’t I initially choose cloth nappies? Which is when I was swiftly reminded that I have binned every item of clothing that Aidan has pooped on. Even the tiniest little stinky spot and it was banished to the bin.…

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Why I hate co-sleeping

Last night we had a very cranky, moody teething baby. Like c’mon already Aidan it’s been like 7 months just grown one already! Anyway, after an hour or so of whining and whimpering we decided to take him into our bed to try and get some sleep. Immediately I thought back to Kellie’s post I had read earlier this week…

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5 reasons babies are like teenagers

Over the last 10 months since Aidan’s arrival I have noticed that babies share similarities with many other things, one of which teenagers… Yes, you heard me babies are like teenagers and here’s how… Every small inconvenience results in a reaction more intense than labour. If you take something from a baby they will scream and throw themselves on the floor…

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